Tools of the Trade

Another recently launched ECAD tool, from CIM-Team, the E3.Series, brings together the fundamental elements of electrical and electronic design in a single, integrated design environment.

E3.Series design tools are designed to support different disciplines in electrical and electronic engineering for the mechanical, plant and automotive industries. E3.Series modules include tools for conventional electrical engineering, for development and structuring of cables and cable harnesses, and for printed circuit board (PCB) design.

Although E3.Series draws on the power of established CIM-Team products, such as DDS-C, the object-based electrical schematic design solution, E3.Series has been written from scratch as a Windows product suite. It combines object-based functionality with a familiar Windows operating system for logical operation across the different electrical and electronic applications.

Furthermore, OLE and ODBC database linking allow documents to be easily and quickly embedded from other Windows applications such as Word and Excel. And a bi-directional common object model interface provides direct access to the object-oriented data within E3.Series, allowing organisations to integrate with other IT systems including manufacturing planning and accounts.

The first two modules launched, E3.Schema and E3.Cable, provide a path from electrical schematic design to physical wire harness layout and routing.

Direct interfaces within E3.Schema enable the import and export of DWG, DXF and EXF data and the further processing of connection and component information for control panel layout, thereby enhancing control of cable processing machines. Additionally, E3.Cable allows a quick and controlled transition from cable harness designs and cable set ups into cable diagrams.

The integrated panel design and PCB design modules are to follow in subsequent phases of the E3.Series project. Like other CIM-Team products, E3.Series will be distributed in the UK by Cadtek.

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