Torrington awarded multimillion contract from BAE Airbus

The Torrington Company has received a five-year, $5-million contract from BAE Systems Airbus UK to supply track roller bearings for Airbus wing systems.

Torrington will supply 50 percent of all track rollers used in the leading-edge slats on wings produced by BAE Systems Airbus UK, which is a full partner in Airbus Industrie, a consortium of Europe’s four leading aircraft manufacturers.

Specifically, Torrington will manufacture and deliver six different sizes of track rollers for the leading-edge slats that function as flight control surfaces for landing, takeoff and changes in altitude.

During the next 20 years, Airbus Industrie expects the air transport business to remain one of the world’s growth industries, requiring nearly 15,400 new aircraft worth $1.3 trillion. In this period, Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast predicts that passenger traffic will grow at an average annual rate of 4.9 percent, while cargo traffic growth will average 5.7 percent per year. Nearly 14,700 new passenger aircraft with more than 70 seats will be delivered over the next two decades, together with more than 700 new freighters.

Based in Filton and Chester, UK, BAE Systems is a full partner in Airbus Industrie and produces all the wings for the European aircraft consortium. Final assembly of all the aircraft takes place in Toulouse, France, and Hamburg, Germany.

Airbus is owned by two leading European aerospace companies: the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, or EADS (born of the merger between Airbus consortium ‘partner’ companies Aerospatiale-Matra of France, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace of Germany, and CASA of Spain); and BAE Systems of the United Kingdom.