Toshiba and Siemens phone up

Toshiba Corporation and Siemens Information and Communication Mobile have formed a global long–term alliance to develop third generation (3G) mobile terminals.

The alliance will pave the way for the development of 3G devices for this high–volume market, via the integration of the latest advances in Toshiba’s W–CDMA and Siemens’ GSM technologies. Both companies will design their own branded 3G devices, which will be marketed and sold independently.

The companies will combine their respective R&D expertise, capabilities, and resources to ensure the availability of 3G terminals in early 2002. Toshiba and Siemens also see the long–term prospect for cooperation in future 3G terminals.

Although primarily concentrating on the IMT 2000* 3G standard W–CDMA, the companies will also work together to develop mobile terminals for further upcoming 3G standards and next generation MPEG–4 devices, which will support such advanced services as moving picture distribution.

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