Toshiba expands LMOS logic series

Toshiba has announced the availability of the VHS series of LMOS logic in the industry’s smallest and thinnest packages for single-gate CMOS logic.

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) and its parent Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) have announced the availability of the company’s VHS series of LMOS (Logic-MOS) logic in the industry’s smallest and thinnest packages for single-gate CMOS logic.

The new logic devices, targeted for use in cellular phones and other miniature portable electronics, are packaged in 5-pin ‘fSV’ packages that measure 1.0mm square and 0.48mm in height. The new fSV devices reduce mounting area by 76 percent compared to USV (SOT-353) packages, which until now were among the smallest logic packages available, measuring 2.0mm x 2.1mm x 0.9mm.

Toshiba’s new fSV LMOS logic packaging is initially available for seven basic logic gates in Toshiba’s VHS (TC7SHXX) logic series including a 2-input NAND gate, 2-input NOR gate, Inverter, 2-Input AND gate, Schmitt Inverter, 2-input OR gate and 2-input EX-OR gate.

The VHS series features a wide voltage range of 2V to 5.5V, high speed, low power consumption, input power down protection and low switching noise, making it ideally suited for use in portable electronics.

The new 5-pin super-miniature fSV packages feature flat leads contained within the 1.0mm x 1.0mm outline of the device and are suitable for use with high-speed surface mount application equipment. The new fSV packages are available with a lead-free finish to protect the environment.

‘Toshiba’s LMOS logic is popular for high density mount set applications and for minor circuit changes in portable electronics devices,’ said Jay Heinecke, business development director, discrete semiconductors, for TAEC. ‘With only one or two circuits per device, and our new ultra-compact fSV packaging, it is very easy to incorporate these logic devices into a circuit board layout, even for the smallest cell phones and PDAs.’

Toshiba’s VHS LMOS logic series in ultra-compact fSV packages are available now, priced at $0.25 for samples. Toshiba plans to increase production of these devices to 20 million pieces per month at its advanced Himeji Operations- Semiconductor manufacturing facility in Japan in 2004.