Toshiba gets a Bluetooth

Toshiba has developed a Bluetooth IC that integrates radio frequency (RF), baseband and mask ROM circuits on a single chip. The new LSI, the TC35654, fully conforms to the Bluetooth version 1.1 specification.

Toshiba used a CMOS process technology for the RF circuit, not the usual bipolar process technology. The company claims that by applying the same process technology to both RF, baseband and ROM circuits, it has achieved a device that requires fewer external components and that can be housed in a 7 x 7mm Plastic Fine-Pitch Land Grid Array (PFLGA) package only 0.8mm high.

What’s more, the device takes up approximately 65% less space on a printed circuit board than separate RF, baseband and mask ROM circuit ICs. The built-in mask ROM replaces an external NOR flash memory and installs LMP/ HCI software for Bluetooth operation.

Samples of the new device will be available in February 2003 at 900 yen. Mass production is slated for July 2003 at an initial 50,000-units a month, a figure that is expected rise to 500,000 units a month by the beginning of 2004.

Toshiba is to sample a Bluetooth RF IC, the TB31296FT, based on SiGe Bi-CMOS technology, this month.

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