Toshiba invests $3 billion in wafers

Toshiba Corporation is to build two 300-millimeter diameter wafers semiconductor production facilities in Japan at a cost of almost $3 billion.

The company will construct the new production lines at two of its major facilities in Japan. The first will be at Oita Operations, the company’s system LSI production base in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu; the second will be at Yokkaichi Operations, its memory production base in Aichi Prefecture.

The investment program will extend over four years starting in 2003 and is expected to total approximately 350 billion yen.

The production line at Oita Operations will mass-produce system ICs for broadband network applications using the company’s embedded DRAM process technology. That facility is also expected to adopt 45-nanometer process technology in the future. Construction of the line will start in 2003 and mass production is scheduled to start in 2004.

The facility at Yokkaichi Operations will mass-produce NAND-type Flash memories. Mass production is expected to begin in 2006.

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