Toshiba launches consumer fuel cell

Japanese electronics consumer giant Toshiba has launched its first direct methanol fuel-cell (DMFC) product for consumer use.

Called the Dynario, it can be used as an external power source to power mobile-digital consumer products.

Together with a dedicated fuel cartridge for refuelling, the product will be launched in Japan this month in a limited edition of 3,000 units at a price of around £200.

Once fuelled with an injection of a methanol solution from its cartridge, the Dynario starts to generate electricity that can power any a mobile phone or digital media player via a USB cable.

On a single refill of methanol, which takes a user around 20sec to perform, Dynario can generate enough power to charge two mobile phones.

Toshiba plans to gauge customer reaction to the product from the Japanese release and use the data it gathers in the development of future fuel-cell products.

Toshiba’s Dynario fuel cell is launched this month in Japan