Toshiba to deliver sorting machines to Sweden

Toshiba has won a $12 million contract to provide the Swedish postal service with eight Series TT-1000 advanced mail-sorting machines.

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has won a major contract to provide the Swedish postal service with advanced mail-sorting equipment.

Under the contract, Toshiba will deliver eight units of its Series TT-1000 systems, each integrating a high performance optical character reader (OCR) and video coding system (VCS).

The mail-sorting systems scan mail and recognise handwritten or printed addresses, print appropriate barcodes onto envelopes, and then use the information in the barcodes to sort mail into stacks. Each unit can handle up to 36,000 items of mail an hour.

The contract for the mail-sorting systems was signed in Sweden in July, and has a value of approximately $12 million. Toshiba will start to deliver the systems in June 2004.

Toshiba considers markets outside of Japan as the most promising avenue for expansion in its mail system business, and aims to achieve annual international sales of $34 million by FY2005.

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