Total global design collaboration

A new global design collaboration solution developed by ChipData will be demonstrated at electronica 2000.

A new global design collaboration solution developed by ChipData will be demonstrated with semiconductor companies Infineon Technologies and STMicroelectronics at electronica 2000, Nov. 21-24. The solution is called Design Chain Management and dramatically speeds the time to market for electronic products by uniting suppliers, assemblers and manufacturers.

With ChipData’s Design Chain Management solution, electronics component suppliers can extend existing customer relationship management programs to the Internet. This service, now being implemented on Infineon and STMicroelectronics Web sites, allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly find, select and download design specifications for electronic components.

At electronica, ChipData will demonstrate its Design Chain Management solution with live PIP 2A9 queries to find and gather design data from suppliers such as Infineon and STMicroelectronics. ChipData will show how data can be accessed on a local server or from servers located around the world.

ChipData’s two major product offerings include a design management system and a content management system. The content management system allows suppliers to enter, edit, maintain and republish their own data. The design management system provides a direct pipeline to the latest component information by allowing designers to browse and download full product specifications into their local repository or CAD system.

To illustrate the communication between the design management system and the content management system, ChipData will also demonstrate a Lucent Technologies OEM PIP 2A9 query site at electronica.

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