Toyota terminates Torotrak

Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to cease development of their IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission) and to terminate their licence agreement with Torotrak.

The reason Toyota gave was the unacceptable driveability in the form of a vibration in a Toyota IVT equipped vehicle. According to Torotrak, Toyota chose to conduct the design and development of their own transmission and vehicle without accepting solutions or hands-on involvement from Torotrak.

In a statement, Torotrak executives said that they were disappointed with the Toyota decision having demonstrated to Toyota in August 2000 the excellent vibration free driveability of a Sport Utility Vehicle (‘SUV’) equipped with a Torotrak designed Series 3 IVT.

Torotrak said that they had designed the Series 3 IVT primarily for application to the US SUV market and stated that vehicles would be delivered to its US licensees in January 2001. In addition, they said that other licensees are already through the concept readiness stage of product development.

Torotrak said that the majority of its eight other licensees are pursuing their own product development but with input from Torotrak regarding technology. In parallel Torotrak are also developing their own product in order to achieve a breakthrough in the passenger car market.

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