TracePro gets a speed boost

Lambda Research has announced the latest release of TracePro 2.0, claiming that it raytraces, on average, ten times faster than the previous version.

Further feature enhancements include a wizard to convert raw BSDF data into TracePro format, over 3000 catalogue lenses, a new bulb catalogue, STL import capability, new expanded material catalogues and an optional healing husk to fix imperfect geometry.

TracePro 2.0 is a full 3D solid modelling product based on the ACIS 5.1 engine, and has an easy to use graphical interface for illumination design and analysis. The product includes translation capability with over 170 ACIS programs and CAD products that transfer systems using IGES and STEP formats. Whether you are analysing or designing display, lighting, stray light, illumination or fibre systems, TracePro will visualise your problem and allow you to fix it before creating prototypes.

Lambda Research Tel: + 1 978 486 0766