Tracksure’s Italian rail deal

Tracksure, a wholly-owned subsidiary of safety innovation engineer Wheelsure Holdings, has received its first commercial order and appointed its first distributor.

The company, based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, received an order for 400 units of one of its patented Tracksure locking devices from Thermit Italiana, a leading Italian rail product distributor.

The order follows successful trials involving the Italian distributor and a Milan based private rail operator, who is the ultimate client. The locking devices will be used on tight rail curves that previously have required a high level of inspection and maintenance.

According to the company, by using its Tracksure devices, safety on tracks will be improved and the cost of maintenance will be reduced, reducing the lifetime cost of the track.

Tracksure is continuing to conduct further trials in Italy on tracks that currently require high levels of maintenance.

Gerhard Dodl, CEO of Wheelsure Holdings, said: ‘We are delighted with the company’s further progress as demonstrated by our first Tracksure sales and the appointment of our first distributor. Both developments are a clear vindication of our strategy of setting up real-life trials to demonstrate and prove the effectiveness of our products and to overcome any initial customer resistance to a new product in industries where safety is paramount.’