Trams for Tunis

Alstom has recently been awarded 91 million Euros by Tunis metro operator, TRANSTU, to supply 30 CITADIS trams and provide infrastructure work for the city.

TRANSTU (formerly SMLT), the company in charge of the Tunis light metro system, has awarded Alstom two contracts worth 91 million Euros for the supply of 30 CITADIS tramways and infrastructure work for the city.

The contracts, provisionally awarded to Alstom in June 2004, were signed on January 31 in Tunis by Patrick Kron, Alstom’s Chairman and CEO and Chedly Hajri, Chairman and CEO of TRANSTU.

The first contract, worth 80 million Euros, is for the supply of 30 new CITADIS tramways, which will reinforce and renew TRANSTU’s fleet. The company operates a 32-kilometre light metro network with five lines, a suburban railway line and a bus network in the Tunisian capital. These 30-metre long vehicles will operate on the current network and on two future seven-kilometre extensions.

The second contract, worth 11 million Euros, is for the infrastructure work of the first of these two extensions. Alstom will be responsible for the energy systems and for a part of the trackwork. Beginning of service on the extension is planned for mid 2006.