Transducers make plane sense

In addition to the supply of pressure transducers for use on the Eurofighter Typhoon hydraulics and fuel systems, Druck has now been selected by British Aerospace (BAe) systems to provide sensors for the aircraft environmental control system (ECS), making a total of 26 Druck sensors on board every Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft built.

Druck claims this additional contract for the new generation european fighter aircraft endorses further the company’s ability to provide a reliable, high performance solution for critical measurement applications when operating in severe conditions found in aerospace applications.

The Typhoon, for example, is designed to be aerodynamically unstable with active computer control of the various flight control surfaces. This enables the aircraft to perform advanced combat manoeuvres with the speed, ease and precision which secure its place as a world class fighter. At the heart of this capability, Druck PDCR 300 Series transducers, used within the hydraulic control system, play a flight critical role monitoring the various hydraulic pressures and communicating directly with the aircraft computer by using a compatible digital interface.

Druck has been involved with the development work for the Eurofighter Typhoon project since 1990, and has worked closely with the four nation project partners in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.