TSB invests in network-enabled projects

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB), a promoter of technology enabled innovation across the UK, is to invest up to £2m in projects to establish network services demonstrators for trials in business models, applications and services for the internet, centred on advanced network capabilities and services.

The competition, which is part of the organisation’s £30m digital investment programme, takes place against a backdrop of unmet demand for open, live experimentation with novel business models, applications and services that could be enabled by advanced networks. 

The Technology Strategy Board will fund half of the eligible costs and each project will comprise two phases. 

In the first phase, each consortium will develop a demonstrator over four to six months, together with a proof-of-principle business model, application or service enabled by the demonstrator’s features.

In the second phase, each demonstrator will go live and be made available for third parties to experiment with novel business models, applications and services based on the demonstrator’s features.