TSB launches sustainable technology competition

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is to invest up to £4.5m in new collaborative research and development aimed at encouraging industrial end-users to work with supply chains and innovators to create new products and services for a sustainable economy.

The objective of this new funding competition, which opens on 3 October 2011, is to help companies with access to the market — the end-users — mobilise their supply chains to provide innovations that are precisely targeted to their currently unmet needs.

This competition addresses two high-level challenges: reducing the global environmental impact of the materials we use and reducing our dependence on key raw materials, which are potentially at risk.

The new products and services proposed should, therefore, have a reduced environmental impact compared to current alternatives, and/or should be less dependent on the use of strategic materials.

The first networking event to facilitate consortia building for this competition will take place on 20 September 2011 in London.