Turbine time

The Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) has committed to renewable energy by announcing the launch of its wind turbine at Renaissance House in Warrington at the end of May.

The turbine will feed directly into NWDA’s electricity supply and will save up to 9,675kg of CO2 per year. Statistics relating to the energy generated will also be displayed on an interactive monitor in the reception area of Renaissance House.

The turbine, supplied by Scottish-based Proven Energy, uses advanced technology to ensure it continues to operate in extreme weather conditions. It utilises hinged blades that automatically fold inwards to ensure a constant spinning speed.

Councillor Helen Jones will launch the turbine on May 30th, in preparation for World Environment Day on June 5th.

As part of the Northwest Regional Economic Strategy (RES) the NWDA promotes energy efficiency, recognising the need to make alternative sources of energy available to ensure continued sustained growth.

NWDA chief executive Steven Broomhead said: ‘Since 2005 we have explored the initiative and after careful consultation with partners, concluded that the site was best suited to benefit from wind power.’

He added: ‘A team of specialists determined wind movements across the whole of Warrington to ensure the turbine would be a viable option and was then suitably placed to make the most of the conditions.’