TurboCAD is fast track to third party add-ons

Version 5 of TurboCAD Professional will have file and application compatibility with AutoCAD software and the ability to run thousands of widely available AutoLISP programs. This will open up a great many valuable third-party applications to the TurboCAD user because any AutoCAD add-on applications will be able to run seamlessly on TurboCAD Professional. The new features will be on display for the first time at ICAT.

Version 5 will also have a number of advanced features including fully integrated three-dimensional mesh modelling and TurboLISP and emulator of the AutoLISP end-user programming system. The AutoLISP programmer will be instantly familiar with the AutoCAD command line interface, AutoLISP syntax, Diesel expression AutoCAD menus and Dialog Control Language features.

IMSI 0181 581 2108.