Turn to `brake-by-wire’

Brake specialist Brembo has teamed up with SKF to design an advanced `brake-by-wire’ system as part of a wider industry trend to use drive-by-wire technology (See DE May p20). Tom Johnstone, president of SKF Automotive division said: `Mechatronics is a ma

The heart of any drive-by-wire system is the electro-mechanical actuator: a compact, and self-contained, driven mechanism, converting rotary motion to linear motion. Such systems offer enhanced system packaging possibilities, removing the complexity of running hydraulic pipes, and dispensing with the need for hydraulic fluid.

SKF’s expertise in linear control systems from both the aerospace and machine tool industries, its know-how in long-life lubrication regimes and knowledge of sealing systems, combine to provide the necessary expertise. The Italian braking specialist Brembo brings a world-wide competence in high performance brakes, with systems fitted to most of the world’s `super cars’ and `super-bikes’.

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