Twin beater drum pedal

There are times as a drummer when one bass drum and one pedal-driven beater to play it are quite enough. And then there are times when you need more. When that bass drum line really calls for speed, and when one foot simply can not hack the pace, then a pedal for each foot has been the only alternative. But now Scottish designer and musician Kevin Mackie has come up with a new solution – a twin beater pedal operated by one foot. When you press down, one beater strikes the drum, and when you lift off, the other beater strikes the drum. Traditionally, base drum pedals are produced from cast metal, but in the development of the new Duallist pedal, Mackie took a fresh approach to material selection, and, for a combination of weight saving, part integration and ease of assembly, he turned to engineering polymers. With help from DuPont, he developed a design based around Zytel nylon, which not only significantly reduced weight and component noise, but also delivered a smoother action and enabled a wider range of adjustments compared to with a traditional metal design.