TwinCAT comes betwixt high end NT PCs and embedded Windows CE devices

Hayes Control Systems has released details of the latest version of Beckhoff’s TwinCAT PC software system for PLC and NC motion control functions. Designed specifically for use with Windows NT Embedded 4.0 – a control solution that occupies the middle ground between high-end NT PCs and embedded Windows CE devices – the new version of TwinCAT improves system scaleability while maintaining existing NT software solutions.

TwinCAT provides users with a number of operating benefits. The software reduces the resource requirements for PC hardware: a minimum of 12MB RAM user memory and only 40MB non-volatile memory are needed. In addition, where resistance to vibration is needed, it is possible to use a flash disk instead of a hard disk. The software also offers the possibility of `headless’ operation – controlling a system without monitor, keyboard or mouse.

TwinCAT software is integrated as a finished component in an NT Embedded system and can be supplied as part of a fully pre-installed Beckoff Industrial PC. Contact the company for a free CD offering a 30 day trial.

Hayes Control Systems Tel: 01491 10539