TWMA wins drilling waste-management contracts

Total Waste Management Alliance (TWMA), which provides environmental waste-management services to the oil and gas industry, has been awarded drilling waste-management contracts by BP worth around £4m.

The contracts involve the containment, handling, processing, recycling and disposal of drill cuttings at remote offshore locations using environmentally sensitive waste-management equipment, which is designed, manufactured, installed and operated by TWMA.

They cover complete containment and processing of drill cuttings on Transocean’s Paul B Loyd Junior semi-submersible rig using the TWMA TCC-RotoMill and the TWMA Cuttings Containment and Distribution System (CCDS).

The North Sea deal includes a two-year offshore waste-management contract for the provision of thermal-processing services, which includes bulk waste containment on the same rig with the extended scope to install bulk storage tanks.