Two-wire electronic pressure switch

United Electric Controls has unveiled an electronic pressure switch aimed at alarm and shutdown applications.

‘The One Series 2-Wire is the first electronic switch providing a process display, diagnostic information and a switch output, on a single twisted pair of wires, connecting to a discrete digital input channel of a PLC or DCS,’ claims Ken Kirkwood, Director of Marketing, at United Electric Controls.

‘It combines the functions of a switch and gauge and the reliability features of a transmitter, at less than half the cost of the transmitter,’ he added.

For alarm & shutdown applications, the One Series 2-Wire is an alternative to transmitters or the drop-in upgrade for many mechanical switch applications.

‘The ONE Series 2-Wire obtains its operating power, and also provides on-off switching, using the discrete input of a control system on a single pair of wires,’ Kirkwood added.

The list price of the new switch is $375.