Tyre safety

Bridgestone Corporation has developed a safety system, dubbed AIRCEPT, for its GREATEC line of truck and bus tyres which were introduced in 2000.

Due to the fact that the tyre and rim weigh less than two conventional tyres and rims, the low aspect GREATEC tyres can be used to replace dual drive tyres on trucks while improving fuel economy.

Replacing dual tyres with a single tyre has, however, heightened the importance of ensuring safety when a sudden loss of pressure occurs. To address that issue, Bridgestone has introduced a new technology called AIRCEPT (Assistant Inner Ring interCEPTor) that fits around the rim inside a GREATEC tyre, expanding and supporting the load on the tyre should the tyre pressure drop below a specific level.

AIRCEPT operates in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system. The tyre pressure monitoring system alerts the driver to the loss of air pressure allowing him to stop safely and change the tyre.

DaimlerChrysler plans to use the GREATEC-AIRCEPT combination for upcoming models in its ACTROS line of trucks.