Tyres never go flat

The American Tire Corporation has completed its research and development, beta testing, field trials and begun manufacturing its proprietary and revolutionary ‘No-Flat’ tyre.

There have been flat free bicycle tyres of some sort or another since the early 1920’s. The only problem is that nobody has been able to perfect them. They have come in a variety of mediums from solid rubber to an open cell foam. All of these have their own drawbacks. Solid rubber tends to be quite heavy and provides very little, if any at all, shock absorbency. The open cell foam has a problem with water.

The Amerityre on the other hand uses a patented process to encapsulate millions of tiny air bubbles giving it a ride that equals the ride of a standard tyre/tube combo. The Amerityre is also lightweight. It weighs only about 1 ounce more than a standard tyre with tube. It is made of a closed cell foam so it will not absorb water. Unlike the open cell foam, the closed cell foam sheds water just like any other tyre.

The Amerityre also has a mechanical lock which prevents it from coming off of the rim once it has been mounted. Two little half circle notches on each side of the tyre grab and hold onto the lip of the rim on both sides.

In recent tests done by an independent testing company, the Amerityre outperformed standard rubber tyres in every category tested. Tests included things such as shock absorbency, weathering effects, and durability. The company claims that the Amerityre will outlast a standard rubber tyre more than 3 to 1.

More information is to be found at http://www.amerityre.com