U15 – Force transducer for calibration with TEDS

HBM has broadened its precision force transducer range with the launch of the U15 for traceable force calibrations in industrial applications, as reference in calibration systems and for classifying material testing machines.

The U15’s tension and foot adapter are permanently mounted to ensure excellent measurement properties of force applied. With good reproducibility and a very small interpolation error the U15 complies with class 0.5 of the ISO 376 international force calibration standard. The transducer is available to measure both tensile and compressive forces with nominal (rated) measurement ranges from 2.5kN to 1MN.

Because of its robust design the force transducer ideally fits mobile measurement tasks. If required, an additional mechanical plug protection can be used.

TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) is available as an option to facilitate the amplifier configuration and enable users to get fast and reliable test results.

An optional double bridge version of U15 is available that is suited for use in calibration systems: one signal is a reference while the second controls the calibration system.

As part of its comprehensive service, HBM has an in-house calibration laboratory accredited by DKD (German calibration service)  that provides the force calibration for the transducer.

More information is available at http://www.hbm.com.

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