UK building projects face delays

A shortfall in skilled workers could delay the London Olympics and have a knock-on effect on other UK building projects, a construction and transportation recruiter has said.

Resourcing Solutions made the comments after the Construction Skills Network revealed that another 182,000 workers are needed to complete building for the 2012 Olympics.

‘Without competent engineers and experienced senior management, the building of the Olympic infrastructure will not be delivered. Meeting these deadlines will undoubtedly depend on the recruitment of highly skilled migrant workers from overseas,’ said Richard Lawrance, managing director of Resourcing Solutions.

The workers required range from builders and engineers to planners and senior management.

While keeping to the Olympics timetable is important, Lawrance said that other projects should not suffer as a result.

‘Hospitals and schools for example still need to be built and the rail and transport network must continue to be improved and maintained across the country. Over the next few years we have to really focus our efforts on recruiting, training and retaining people in the industry, while also doing all we can to promote the sector as a desirable area in which to work,’ he said.