UK femtocell developer Ubiquisys employs Keithley RF test systems

Keithley Instruments announced recently that its RF test solutions are established in production with Ubiquisys

Keithley Instruments announced recently that its RF test solutions, including the Series 2800 RF Vector Signal Analyzers and Series 2900 RF Vector Generators, are established in production with Ubiquisys, a developer of 3G femtocells. Ubiquisys has been using Keithley’s RF test solutions as it ramps its femtocell production at Sony UK Tech.

Keithley’s next-generation RF test instruments are designed to meet the challenges that are associated with femtocell testing. They are built on a next-generation instrument platform that uses advanced RF and high-speed DSP technology to reduce the cost of test and shorten time to market. Additionally, they provide the measurement accuracy needed to ensure high product quality and production yields and high test speed and low equipment cost needed to reduce the cost of test.

‘Keithley’s RF test solutions are able to achieve a very high throughput in production test applications, which have proven extremely important to Ubiquisys as they ramp their production,’ said Mark Hoersten, vice president of business development for Keithley. ‘The Series 2800 and 2900 feature a next-generation, DSP-based Software-Defined Radio architecture that enables them to make these extremely high speed measurements with the required high levels of accuracy.’

‘We are very impressed with the speed of measurement and test time offered by Keithley’s RF solutions,’ added John Evans MBE, vice president of operations for Ubiquisys. ‘Additionally, Keithley’s support of our test development and understanding of our application was an equally critical factor in our original purchasing decision.’