UK Flood Barriers wins contract to provide self-closing defence

UK Flood Barriers, which has been supported by the Manufacturing Advisory Service-West Midlands (MAS-WM), will be responsible for rolling-out the Self-Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) to the Environment Agency, local authorities, business and residential properties across the UK and Eire.

This passive flood-defence system, designed by Dutch Engineers, automatically rises like a floating wall when water levels rise and according to the firm could have helped reduce the extent of recent devastation in Queensland.

Numerous organisations have already declared an interest in the SCFB and plans are underway to bring the manufacture of the product to the West Midlands over the next eighteen months.

The Self-Closing Flood Barrier compliments the existing Flood Angel range that includes the Flood Defender, Backflow Valve and the BSI-accredited Airbrick.