UK Government buys into Rolls-Royce

The UK Government is providing an investment of £250 million to help develop the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and Trent 600 engines. In return, the UK Government will receive a commercial return from future engine sales.

The Trent 900 is being developed for the Airbus Industrie A380 family while the Trent 600 is targeted at the Boeing 747X and Longer Range 767-400ER aircraft.

The Trent 900 and 600 are the latest members of the Trent family of aero engines, based on the Rolls-Royce three-shaft design. Thirty customers and operators have ordered more than 1,400 firm and option Trent engines worth more than £12 billion.

The Trent 900 has been selected by Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and International Lease Finance Corporation for their A380s. The A380’s first flight is scheduled for 2004, with entry into service in 2006. The Trent 600, for Boeing, is due to receive engine certification in 2003.

The Trent 900 will have a 116 inch diameter fan and will be certificated at 80,000lb take-off thrust. The initial in-service rating will range from 68,000lb to 75,000lb thrust. The Trent 600 will have a 102 inch diameter fan and will operate at 68,000lb to 72,000lb thrust.

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