UK health-tech company secures US deal for GPS device

A trade mission to the US to help growing UK health-tech companies open their businesses up to the international market has produced its first successful business deal.

An Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire-based health-tech company founded by serial entrepreneur Sara Murray,, has manufactured a GPS device that can be worn as a pendant or belt clip.

The deal with Mace Security International will see Mace exclusively represent buddi products and services in the US.

The deal was secured during a week-long trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley as part of the Future Health Mission 2011, which is sponsored by a range of public and private partners, including the Technology Strategy Board, UK Trade and Investment, and Microsoft.

The buddi device locates and reports the position of a wearer, and allows push-button panic alert and voice communication inside or outside the home, school or business.

The MaceBuddi device will be connected to Mace’s central-monitoring station, where live operators will respond and contact loved ones, first responders and neighbours.