UK Power Networks publishes draft 2015–23 business plan

UK Power Networks has published its draft business plan — entitled RIIO-ED1 — for 2015 to 2023 for public consultation.

In it, the company defines its strategy to continue delivering reliable electricity supplies to its customers across London, as well as the south east and the east of England.

The company estimates that it will need to spend £7.5bn during 2015 to 2023: £3.1bn in the east; £2.3bn in London; and £2.1bn in the south east. This represents an increase of £800m on the current period for 2010 to 2015.

The increase is driven by increased work volumes and by strategic investments in central London, east-of-England wind infrastructure and preparations for the national roll-out of smart meters, offset by reductions in unit costs and overheads.