UK should take the lead

After becoming tired of waiting for world leaders to direct the global efforts towards a better planet, I cannot help wondering if it really matters. By this I mean is obtaining a global harmony really important? Do we really need an accord that can be robust and focused to deliver practicable targets?

There is too much money and politics involved for such a resolve to be forged, so why doesn’t the UK simply divide and sub-divide the issue into digestible parts and get the country’s engineers to start working on the areas where they can help?

We need to persuade the companies and institutions we work for to open their recession-weary eyes to the opportunity to innovate and enthusiastically embrace the chance to develop new products (and profits – we need the latter to make them take notice). The skills and experience our engineers possess should shape the directions our captains of industry should follow.

Today, the engineers can get going as we always do, but we desperately need others outside of the engineering/manufacturing arenas to say the UK needs engineering to come forward with products to make people and governments want to become more environmentally friendly.

It is not enough for engineers to say this of themselves; few people in this country know what an engineer is, let alone what they are capable of. The last thing we should do is wait for world leader agreements, we just need Gordon Brown et al to say engineers and academia must get on with it and provide funding to encourage company directors.

Graham Loakes, West Midlands