Ultra and Raytheon to develop bomb rack for US Navy

Ultra Electronics’ Precision Air Systems business and Raytheon have been chosen by the US Navy to develop and supply the Multi-Purpose Bomb Rack (MPBR) system.

Raytheon, as the prime contractor, will supply the bomb racks for which Ultra will provide its HiPPAG airborne compressor.

The MPBR will replace several bomb racks currently deployed on navy aircraft.  According to Raytheon, electronics built into the bomb rack will ensure the new system is compatible with current and future precision-guided weapons.

The HiPPAG system will be required to generate the pneumatic energy to release the weapon from the rack and eject it from an aircraft’s slipstream, negating the need for pyrotechnic cartridges.

The initial $32.4m (£20.3m) contract awarded to Raytheon is for the engineering and manufacturing development phase and its value to UK-based Ultra is approximately $6m.

Work under this contract will be completed in 2014. It is planned that low-rate initial production will take place in 2014, 2015 and 2016, leading to full-rate production commencing in 2017.