Ultra low ratio tolerance

Vishay Intertechnology recently announced the release of the PR series high-precision thin film resistor arrays in 1206, 0805, and 0603 case sizes with a profile of 0.4mm. Vishay says it is the only manufacturer to offer 0.01% ratio tolerance as a standard product feature in such low-profile arrays.

Matched resistor networks in the PR series include from two to eight resistors and are precision-matched to 0.01% ratio tolerance, as opposed to a ratio tolerance of 0.05% in competing devices.

The new resistor arrays serve as compact replacements for larger-package devices – those utilising wirewound or hermetic packaging – in instrumentation amplifiers, precision voltage dividers, bridge network circuitry, and all other products requiring a matched pair or set of resistor elements.

The new devices feature a stable TAMELOX (passivated nichrome) resistive layer. PR series resistor arrays are specified for anabsolute TCR (temperature coefficient ratio) of 10ppm/degrees C and TCR tracking of 2ppm/ degrees C – or down to 1ppm/ degrees C on request. Very low noise of less than -30dB and voltage coefficients of less than 0.1ppm/V reportedly contribute to the performance of these devices.

The Vishay Thin Film PR 100 is packaged in a 1.6mm wide case with a 1mm pitch. It is rated for a resistance range of 100 ohms to 200 kilohms and a working voltage of 35V.

In a 1.85mm wide case, the PR 135 features a 1.35mm pitch, a resistance range of 100 ohms to 300 kilohms, and a working voltage of 75V. The PR 182 occupies a 3mm wide case with a 1.82 mm pitch and is rated for a resistance range of 100 ohms to 1 megohm and a working voltage of 100V. All three products feature a power rating of 100mW per resistor at +70 degrees C and an operating temperature range of -55 degrees C to +155 degrees C.

PR series high-precision resistor arrays feature pre-tinned terminations over a nickel barrier. They are available in waffle pack or tape-and-reel packaging. Samples and production quantities of the new devices are available now, with a lead time of 10 weeks for larger orders.

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