Ultra-wideband comes to miniPCI

Freescale Semiconductor and GlobalSun Technology have developed an Ultra-Wide-Band-enabled miniPCI module which will be available in Q4 this year.

Freescale Semiconductor and GlobalSun Technology have collaborated on the development of an Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB)-enabled miniPCI module.

The miniPCI module uses Freescale’s XS110, which recently received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification for commercial use, enabling commercial deployment of the technology.

The XS110 uses the DS-UWB approach, which is currently a candidate for the IEEE 802.15.3 standard for high-speed wireless personal area networks (WPANs). Using DS-UWB, the chipset achieves over 110 Mbit/sec data rates and consumes minimal power.

Initial consumer applications are expected to include large screen displays (plasma, LCD), digital video recorders and set-top boxes. Mobile applications, such as portable hard drives and digital cameras, are expected to follow in 2005.

The miniPCI module is expected to be available from GlobalSun to leading OEMs in the fourth quarter of 2004.

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