Unit Birwelco fabricates 190-tonne heater for Statoil project

UK engineering company Unit Birwelco has fabricated a 28m-high, 190-tonne fired heater at its facility in Pembroke Dock, South Wales, for shipping to Norway on one of the largest vessels to ever dock in the port.

As a result, the engineering company has become one of only a small number of companies capable of supplying a single fully modularised cylindrical fired heater — which will be used in the Statoil Hydro Kollsness Project in Norway.

The project involved Unit Birwelco’s team completing the engineering, procurement, fabrication and modularisation of the radiant heater and its convection box, stack, burner assembly and associated infrastructure.

The vertical cylindrical radiant hot-oil heater measures, with helicoil coil, 14 x 13 x 28m and, as a result, was moved to the dock side using specialist transport and heavy-lifting cranes, before being shipped to Norway on a 150m-long vessel.

The work carried out by the Unit Birwelco team in Pembroke Dock has enabled the completed heater to be shipped as a virtually finished item, inclusive of mechanical tests and commissioning