Unit keeps tank gauging systems on line

TM Technology has introduced a new battery back up unit for SiteSentry tank gauging systems, designed to assure full uninterrupted functionality in the event of mains failure, including remote monitoring facilities.

The system continues to measure levels and operate high level alarms as well as such functions as dial-out with the level and response to dial-in requests for information. It also dials out to report the power failure, to either the site owner’s server or TM’s service department, which also minimises any production downtime.

Safety and environmental factors are safeguarded by maintaining overfill protection. The wall or floor mounted units have two 12V lead acid batteries connected in series to give 24V dc, and providing an average 24hr of mains independent operation.

Security of supply is a particular advantage when the systems remote monitoring facility is used for Vendor Managed Inventory operations. It is essential for contracts where the supplier may suffer from financial penalties if the end user runs out of product, causing production downtime or similar cost to the end user.