Universal transducer display

Sensors UK has launched the MTP-7600 portable digital indicator, designed for use with all commonly used transducers for the measurement and display of most physical parameters.

The instrument is housed in a bench style ABS housing with carry handle, and can be specificed for use on 115 or 230 VAC mains, 10-30 VDC, or in conjunction with internal rechargeable batteries with integral charging circuit.

Most transducers in use today, such as strain gauge based, potentiometric, 4-20ma, encoder ±10V and frequency, can be programmed for acceptance. Transducer power supply can be external or derived internally.

The menu-driven programming is fast and easy uses front of panel key switches, and the display is to a full five digit seven segment high efficiency red LED, using 14mm high characters and a selectable decimal place. Each instrument is supplied with labels covering up to 50- physical variables to nominate thedisplay units,

Added flexibility is given by maximum/minimum/peak modes and the ability to incorporate alarms and give re-transmit signals, both analogue or digital.

Uses for the MTP-7600 include on-site transducer testing throughout industry and commerce, field monitoring of testing procedures, laboratory testing, and on-board vehicle testing.

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