Unregulated converter

Texas Instruments

has developed a 1W isolated, unregulated DC/DC converter in a miniature package. The new module operates from a 5V input, features dual +/-7 V outputs, and is suitable for motor control, programmable logic controller and distributed I/O module applications.

TI’s DCP010507DB provides up to 85% efficiency and meets UL1950 specifications with 1kVrms isolation and EN55022 Class B EMC performance.

Supporting an operating temperature range of -40C to 100C, the module provides both thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection, as well as device-to-device synchronization control for applications with multiple converters. In addition, it can provide point-of-load power conversion and ground loop elimination for noise-sensitive applications.

The +/-7 V output allows digital designers to incorporate a low-cost linear regulator to provide low noise power to digital circuits and a true zero when used with op amps. The new converter can also be configured as a single-output 14V converter.

The small module uses a lead-frame construction and sports a power density of 2.4W/cm3. Plus, the DCP010507DB comes in Pb-free/RoHS surface-mount or through-hole package options, and in tape and reel, which can reduce manufacturing cost and time to market.

The DCP010507DB is available now from TI and its authorized distributors in JEDEC PDIP-14 and SO-14 gull-wing packages. The products are priced from $5.90 in 1,000 piece quantities.