Up to 900 times longer bearing life

All the benefits of high precision and long life that derive from multiple gears sharing a load are preserved says Intelligent Motion Control in its new range of True Planetary Gearheads which has a shrink disk pinion assembly for easy mounting to stepper and servo motors. When compared to conventional spur or hybrid gearheads, the gearhead is said to provide up to 900 times longer motor bearing life.

This increase in motor bearing life is due to the reduction of gear induced loads when using a True Planetary gearhead. The planetary arrangement, with three gears in constant mesh allows the load to be equally shared over the planet gears.

The gearheads cover the mechanical power and torque ranges required in most instrument and industrial motion control type of applications. With high efficiency in the 90% range and rated torque based on 10,000 hours of life, a selection of either single or two stage planetary gives 13 reduction ratios in a range 3:1 to 100:1. Backlash is as low as 4 arc-minutes with Ultra Precision models and 6.0 arc-minutes on standard Super Precision single stage options.

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