Urethane foams give a softer touch to gaskets

Rogers Corporation has announced a new Poron high performance urethane foam material for making very soft, slow recovery gaskets and pads.

The new Poron 4701-92 materials are available to users in a range of thicknesses, including an exceptionally thin version (with a thickness of just 0.021in) that is supported on 0.002in PET for ease of manufacture.

Rogers’ softest urethane foam, the new material is targeted at applications where conformability, low outgassing, and exceptional shock absorption are required. Poron slow rebound materials offer a smooth, integral skin surface on both sides which accepts a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesives and also provides a good appearance, smooth feel and resistance to abrasion.

All Poron urethane materials offer exceptional resistance to compression set, holding their recovery ability for years. Poron urethane materials offer good resistance to ozone, UV light, and other environmental stressors and chemicals, and do not tend to corrode or contaminate nearby components.

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