US Army mortars to get the common touch

Honeywell has recently been awarded five-year contract worth $250 million to provide digital fire control for all mortar systems in the US Army.

According to Honeywell, the digital fire control systems will fulfil the US Army’s desire for commonality across its entire line of mortar weapons systems.

Through the use of digital electronics, the new fire control system will tell the soldier where to aim the mortar, eliminating the use of manual plotting equipment used by infantrymen. The fire-control systems consolidated under this contract support mounted, dismounted and vehicle-supported mortars.

‘By developing a common digital fire control for all existing and future mortar variants, we will help the Army save millions of dollars in training, logistics and maintenance costs in addition to making the weapon more combat effective,’ said Ben Simmons, vice president, Honeywell Defense & Space Electronic Systems’ Army Programs.

The initial order is for approximately 70 fire control systems to be delivered to the First Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, in April 2003.

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