US government supports Coskata biorefinery

Renewable fuels and chemicals developer Coskata has been notified by the US Department of Energy (USDA) of its intent to provide a $250m (£156.8m) loan guarantee in support of a commercial biorefinery that will utilise Coskata’s technology.

The guarantee will allow the Coskata-supported facility to move forward with financing the construction of a 55-million-gallon-per-year cellulosic ethanol facility in Greene County, Alabama.

Coskata has been demonstrating the commercial viability of its process, which produces approximately 100 gallons of fuel from each dry ton of biomass, for more than a year at the company’s integrated biorefinery in Madison, Pennsylvania.

The process leverages proprietary microorganisms and bioreactor designs in a three-step conversion process that can produce fuel-grade ethanol from virtually any carbon-based feedstock, including wood and wood waste, agricultural waste, energy crops and municipal solid waste.