USB rechargeable batteries

London-based Moixa Energy, supported by the London Development Agency (LDA), is to receive an award for its USBCELL AA batteries. The USBCELL battery, which recharges itself whilst plugged into a personal computer’s USB port, has obtained Gold status at the iF Product Design Awards.

The battery has been recognised for its sustainable design that reduces landfill waste and CO2 emissions. The USBCELL is also more efficient to use and re-use compared to alkaline and other batteries.

Simon Daniel, the chief executive of Moixa Energy, explained that today’s portable and wireless devices eat batteries, wasting resources, CO2 and landfill.

The company received a LDA research and development grant in November 2005 and since then has won the 2007 National Energy Efficiency Award, the European Office Products Award and the National Energy Entrepreneur Award.

LDA chief executive Manny Lewis said: ‘USBCELL is a great example of investment in research and development projects can result in products that are not only at cutting edge of design, but beneficial to the environment and consumers alike.’