Users tap into Internet Web site to get upgrades and download software

If it takes off, a new approach to releasing the very latest versions of engineering CAD packages could change the way software is used and sold. Bentley Systems, the developers of MicroStation Modeler CAD/CAM/CAE is shipping a ‘continuous improvement’ release. This means users can install changes to the software as they are made, rather than waiting for the next version.

This is another World Wide Web innovation. The engineer can simply tap into Bentley’s site at, and ask for particular enhancements or state his priorities. The changes that result from this – from additional features through to complete upgrades – are delivered every three months on a CD-ROM. Users can also download software from Bentley’s Select Stream Web page.

Bentley’s CAD software runs on Windows-based computers as well as Apple, DEC, Alpha, HP, SGI and Sun Sparcstations.

Bentley Systems

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