Vacco agrees US Navy submarine supply deal

Technologies company ESCO has announced that Vacco Industries, a manufacturer of commercial and defence systems, has successfully concluded contract negotiations to provide the next seven ship sets of ultra-quiet valves and manifolds for the US Navy’s Virginia-class submarine programme.

The total negotiated price is approximately $40m (£27m), with product deliveries expected to begin in fiscal 2010 and concluding in fiscal 2014.

Vacco expects to receive formal purchase orders for these products − all of which consist of the company’s ’quiet’ designs, including multiple air-reducing manifold stations, air- and water-flow control valves, and various pressurisation and venting devices − over the upcoming months.

Vacco’s customer is the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, located in Groton, Connecticut, while Electric Boat is the designer and − in partnership with Newport News Shipbuilding − the builder of the Virginia Class submarines.