Valves in control at Transco

Control valves from Severn Glocon have been used in an upgrade project on Transco’s UK gas pipeline distribution network. The project involves the construction of new compressor stations by Costain Oil, Gas and Process, at sites across the country.

Severn Glocon has received orders for Series 5000 globe control valves for installation at four locations. Ranging in size from six to 24 inches, the valves are designed for natural gas pressure control and anti-surge duties. In addition to conventional cage trim designs, some valves feature advaned technology multi-labryinth trimds (MLT) to precisely control energy dissipation and velocity in sever operating conditions. The MLT design achieves multiple stages of pressure let down by means of a stack of computer designed layers or discs fitted in the valve seat to form a labryinth.

The design is said to provide an efficient method of velocity control throughout the valves’ full service range and offers an economcial combination of flow capacity and energy dissipation. MLT valves supplied on these contracts provide up to twelve stages of pressure let down.

All valves are equipped with factory fitted failsafe pneumatic actuators, positioners, switchboxes and accessories as determined by the individual applications.