Variable speed ac drives are getting smaller

Four ac micro drive products from ABB Industrial Systems, include the ACS 100 micro drive; the ACS 600 intelligent motion controller; the ACS 607 enhanced range; and ACS 600 multidrive.

Covering 0.37kW to 2.2kW, the ACS 100 variable speed ac drives is suited to those users who require a basic motor speed controller that can fit into small spaces.

The closed loop ACS 600 ac drives feature built in motion control and positioning. They cover the range from 2.2kW to 630kW. A software encoder interface eliminates the need for external control systems.

The drive has extended I/O functions which allows several drives to operate alongside the intelligent motion controller.

As a stand alone DTC drive, the high power range of the ACS 607 cubicle drive has virtually doubled going from 315kW to 630kW. The drive is available as either a 6 pulse or 12 pulse version.

The DTC based multidrive system features a common dc link which feeds a series of drive modules that in turn power the various motors connected to the system. It can handle drive system requirements up to 2MW.

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