Vectorisation comes down in price

More and more PC CAD users want to scan old drawings and convert them into vector DXF for editing in their CAD program. There are numerous vectorisation programs to choose from but very few offer OCR text recognition at a reasonable price.

London based Softcover claims that OCR is used too frequently as justification for a hefty price-tag and has developed Scan2CAD, which at £83 is a lot cheaper. Scan2CAD converts mono BMP and TIFF compressed raster files to industry standard DXF files that can be read by all PC CAD programs.

The program offers flexible vectorisation of both orthogonal and non-orthogonal images, and a vectorisation engine generates accurate lines, arcs and circles while keeping `vector spaghetti’ to a minimum.

The user can also purchase an Intelligent Character Recognition Training Kit and then tailor the program to recognise and convert any text which is present on any drawing.

To check out whether Scan2CAD really does measure up, an evaluation can be downloaded from